Antoon Torrekens  art & Photography

Born in -Belgium - Europe

He graduated as a graphic designer.

He is a full time artist and makes  artistic photography, paintings and sculptures in bronze and ceramics.

in the past he also designed jewellery and many other objects..tables,curtains..etc

there are several publications of his work. Art book annuaire 1982 published in Paris, Made in Belgium

Export guide 9th Edition 1992,  artists and Gallery 1996. art Photography in magazine Vigore VS 2011,

2013 and 2014, magazine "Supermodel"VS 2013 and 2014, Magazine "Action" 2014.

magazine "Supermodel" VS 2015

Some exhibitions art & Photography !


Art forever  Heizel  Brussels, Brussels Galery  Babylon, Galery Spaarcentrale, World Trade Center, , Hotel STEPHANIE, Avenue Louise Brussels.   Gent, Geraardsbergen, Ronse, Kluisbergen, Charleroi, International Eindhoven-Nederland, Uden-Nederland, Zingem, Casino Koksijde, Menen, Oostend, Knokke Galery Guy Pieters, Galeriy Vera Van Laer, Beernem

Di Coylde, Gent Spaarkrediet, Luik Galery Lhierman, Kluisbergen Galery Beukenhof, Gent Galery P.Art, Antwerp, watermaal-bosvoorde, stockholm, stuttgart, hartfeld, Europa-circuit 1996 en 1998.

Classic art in Brussels in permanent  2004, Canada

( Toronto 2005 ) ,Innsbruck 2007, Castle Edingen 2007en 2008, Tour and Taxi’s Brussels 2008, ,Castle Huizingen 2009, Aarlen art-fair  2009,

Artief Diest 2009 , Kluisbergen 2011 -2012.

Canada ( Toronto 2014 ) ,Innsbruck 2015, Paris 2015 

Curator Roger DHondt explained the complete work

During a celebration 2016

received of Minister of Culture  an honorary cup for artistic effort.

Beukenhof-Phoenix Galery internationale sculptour 2022

Sculptures in Art Galery Vlask Gent 2021-2022-2023.

His vision about his photography !

My artistic language and inspiration came from my childhood. Both my parents were actors and I was introduced to the performing arts at an early age.

I instantly developed an insatiable passion for the performing arts and. As I grew older, I was deeply influenced by theater, ballet and many other art forms.

This is how I look at the world: we are all actors on a stage which I translate in my art and photography..

I put that message in every Picture whether it is acting, playing, or fantasy.

This is the base and the passion for my photography.